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Implatical Leptitude

by Brian Kenney Fresno

Pastel tractors Treading tirelessly Through corporation automation Robotic hands of injustice disassemble all the freedoms So hard won so long ago Teased and hazed so far they finally Fell under the strain Truth be told, your life's controlled By ruthless men Who laugh to feel your pain Buy that big lie Raise it high Wave it proud Show the world for all to see Chant it loud and feverishly Celebrate your whiteness And it's dark history Slavery and genocide Reflect the values deep inside How we're able to preside In the land of the free Armed with such ineptitude And such a cocky attitude Truly believing that all is ours As meant to be Wading through the lies and slander Truth, not a word was said Are you waiting for the answer To clearly knock you upside the head? Another year another dollar Trade your chains in for a collar You can't live my life like that It's hell in your own wishing well You're wishing you were a stranger No one told you your virtue would hurt you Well I don't know And I don't care about your ignorance or apathy it's a forced compliance crushed defiance corporate giants culture of worker bees
One day a young Republican went walkin in a store he bought a pound of sausages and laid them on the floor and then he started whistling the evilest little tune and all the little sausages went dancing round the room (congregation sing along) OH MR DONNERYBECK HOW COULD YOU BE SO MEAN? I KNEW THAT YOU'D BE SORRY FOR INVENTING THAT MACHINE THOSE LONG HAIRED RATSAND DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER MORE BE SEEN WE'LL GRIND THEM UP TO SAUSAGE MEAT IN DONNERBECK'S MACHINE! ! One night when no one was looking they rounded up the weak they cut the funding pulled the plug on those that tried to speak and nobody tried to stop them as they hunted down some more they killed the best enslaved the rest and now we eat the poor (not very good eatin!) When night when all was quiet the darned thing would'nt work so Donneybeck he stepped inside to see what he could do his wife was having a nightmare and walking in her sleep she gave the crank a great big yank and Donneybeck was meat! CHORUS (everbody sing along! don't be shy!) OH MR DONNERY BECK HOW COULD YOU BE SO MEAN ? WE KNEW THAT YOU'D BE SORRY FOR INVENTING THAT MACHINE THOSE LONG HAIRED RATS AND DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER MORE BE SEEN WE'LL GRIND THEM UP TO SAUSAGE MEAT IN DONNERYBECK'S MACHINE!
Just refuse to believe, evil plots up my sleeve. Lock in step, go blindly forward fascism is its own reward. scale and size of all the lies is working now just close your eyes I chew the heads and suck the souls of unseen third world nations. enslave the peasants’ most unpleasant family situations I’ll stage a coup or march on through Just waste the opposition Who’ll take the fall? Mass graves for all Who don’t see my position Don’t let me see what I might be Just keep me undereducated, subjugated supple and dumb! Your plastic stamped out fenced in housing complex insulates you. So glad to see you finally realized everybody hates you. Laughed out loud above the crowd you plead with now to spare you burned your lifeboat, slit your own throat nowhere to escape to. We could forgive and let you live No, I say Kill’ em all and quickly A sharpened stick, an eye for an eye! Well I guess that’s not nice, killing folks not good advice Stay and wait sit calmly we won’t ask you twice nice Hide your head instead both hands, close your eyes and count backwards Listen to the voice and obey the commands. 95% of the people have only 5 of the wealth not the best condition for that stable social health to the .05 it’s lookin’ good you know they want their way to last deny the problem – blame the victim Victors write the past Cause its Man over Nature Any thought or foresight trashed Gut the arts and public broadcast Cookie Monster smashed! No Health, No edjucation so we just Done ain’t got the tools While they’re laughing to the bank And then out shopping for jewels Love the diamonds don’t you too? Just refuse to believe evil plots up their sleeve Lock in step go blindly forward Fascism is it’s own reward. Scale and size of the all the lies Is working now just close your eyes.
Well I drank way too much coffee That’s what happened to me Could you scrape me off the ceiling? Cause I got just a little too much energy Oh Mr. Waiter Don’t go away Could you please bring me a double latte ¢ My patience getting kinda frayed It’s the 15th one I’ve had today yeah! All my nerves so sharp and keen Kinda irritable, kinda mean I end up makin’ such a scene All cause I drank too much caffeine Stayed up studying through the night Then I stressed out to the first light I gave my teacher such a fright It’s plain to see, I’m a little uptight Swillin’ Joe to such excess Teeth-a-grindin from the stress Why I do it it’s hard to tell Putting myself through this kind of hell So I cleaned the closets, mowed the lawn. Painted the house at the crack a dawn! Cleaned the basement, washed the dog, Got my spices catalogued, Washed the dishes, washed the windows, swept the driveway, took the trash out, Changed the cat box, cleaned the toaster, watched some daytime television, swept the floor, shampooed the rug, I tell you caffeine’s my kind of drug!


released July 4, 1996


all rights reserved



Brian Kenney Fresno Fresno, California

My name is Brian Kenney Fresno, and I have this super fun solo ROCK show
where I sing modern TALES of urban legends and epics of the absurd- in a
sing along format, mostly about Fresno Ca, my home town, and everytime I say
"Fresno", everybody eats the raisins and says "WHOOO!" in a group
It's really fun!
Everybody laughs a lot!
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