The Future Is Fresno

by Brian Kenney Fresno

Left my front door open For only just a minute Distracted for an instant Suddenly my living room you were in it Nervous maniacal laughter Turning on heel pacing back and forth Finally I instantly recognized you as our neighbor to the North They run some kinda halfway house For the mentally unstable, - there's no cure I've always preferred my insanity pure Now please tell me one thing for sure Are you crazy, or are you Bat Shit Crazy? To come so far and then stop short To me just seems kinda lazy Are you crazy, or are you Bat Shit Crazy ? Halfway through the killing spree The details get kinda hazy Well, I've always had a crazy ray Maybe you can feel it now? It shines right out of my Third Eye When you see it you'll say 'WOW" And I thought I had it under control But it must be something in my soul that screams "HEY CRAZY GUY! I UNDERSTAND! I'M ON YOUR SIDE! But if you put aside your crown and scepter Turn off your galactic connector Turn on your dimensional director You'll see its only Fresno deep inside You'll see its only Fresno deep inside you In your crazy Bat Shit guano (I know that's redundant ) All sorts of good things grow I looked at you for inspiration when I created my Fresno show The places that we've gone together by myself I could never go But about your degree of derangement I'd really like to know Are you crazy, or are you Bat Shit Crazy To come so far and then stop short To me just seems kinda lazy Are you crazy, or are you Bat Shit Crazy? Halfway through the killing spree The details get kinda hazy
Clovis 06:55
Fresno's got a cancer It's on our Northeast end They act like they're some good ol' boys But they're really notch your friend Oh at first it seems so harmless As it starts to lure you in Ol'timey charm, down on the farm But that starts to wear real thin Cause just below the surface A bein backwards fifty years Is a lily white Tea Party culture That propagates racial fears Buckle a the Bible Belt Grandchildren of Confederates Well they're a lot like folks in Fresno Who think that liberals are degenerates Now, they're used to be An undeveloped buffer That separated the cities like a gate But nowadays you're steppin in it Before you know it, it's too late When the signs turn brown You should just turn around Don't go to Clovis Oh they love to wear big hats there You know, they do it up for days (THEY HAVE A WEEKEND EVENT CALLED " Big Hat Days", ok, get it? ) They got a big ginormous rodeo That celebrates western ways And they laugh about rustling Injuns And the coon hunt of 2007 They use monster trucks for taxis And they sell ammo at the Circle KKK That's white, you heard me OKKK Have you heard about the Butt Drag? Where they stick two fingers in the anus? They teach em at the high school That wrestling move so heinous For their opponents in the ring Apparently it really makes em sing And it's the single defining hallmark Of their redneck cowboy culture If you look like you're white Then you'll probly be all right in the town of Clovis ( I still don't go to Clovis) If you look like you're black Then you might not wanna go back to the town a Clovis I wouldn't go there in the first place If you look like you're Hispanic Then you might not wanna go back to the town a Clovis And they all loathe the likes a me Get my ass kicked any time for free That's right in Clovis Deep Clovis Never go No no no HUH?
Don't cough my way That's grounds for murder soon someday Like farting in a crowded elevator Or sneezing on the buffet And dude, You just can't go around sayin everything That science is trying to tell us is wrong When you got the news on your "Magic" cell phone That people are dyin all day long Cause it's a global pandemic You really don't get to protest Or frighten a tiny little virus with a gun And all your selfishness is truly staggering And all the damage can't be undone That's why they're putting in a Corpse Trench Behind Eyeglass world Cause otherwise the death stench Is gonna keep your nose hairs curled Oh baby I like the way you wash your hands With that soapy rhythmic jerking Don't know if you know how sexy that is But let me tell you baby it's working How bout you gimme a little stimulus And I'll shelter in your face I couldn't care about the consequence of a little Coronavirus case That mask is making you look so hot You're such a sexy wench I wouldn't mind being quarantined Or piled up next to you Piled up Piled up with Piled up with you Corpse Trench, Corpse Trench, cuddle on up with me Corpse Trench, Corpse Trench, for all eternity These are such difficult times These are such difficult rhymes These times are difficult These rhymes are difficult These are difficult times -------- ( this list runs alongside, to the right of the 'these are such difficults ") 19 Chaotic Conspiracy Covid Disaster Contradictory Distancing Droplets Faucci Hydrochloroquorine Inept Isopropyl Laboratory Pandemic Pathogen Province Quarantine Sanitizer Social Temperature Virus Virulent Weaponized Ignorance Wuhan Zoonotic
Ev'ry Stain Has A Story Look! Down at the sidewalk, at the street, or in your soul Each mark there has a memory, a thousand tales untold It's a lot like archeology, where the source is so uncertain It's like opening a window to the past, through a horrible dingy curtain See beyond the surface Listen past the din Feel the harmonic frequencies resonating from within Flexing your forensics Sniffing out the scene Empathing the emotions Imprinted though unseen Ev'ry stain has a story To tell it's tale is obligatory This is the mark that history has chosen to record Ev'ry Stain has a story That makes a perfect allegory Left a physical commentory With a little message at the end Astonish at the anguish Experience all the ecstasy Acknowledge all the anger Re-illuminate all the love to be Embrace all the embarrassment Remember all the shame Recognize your bloody hands and think of who to blame ( I need you to sing louder, I can't hear you.)
One Big Happy Your parents voted for Nixon Thought the whole Watergate thing was fiction Some sorta liberal, left wing fake news thing Lost your great uncle on Guam And your father in Vietnam You’ve done two tours of Iraq and Afghanistan Your sister’s an attorney for the ACLU in Frisco Writes essays on feminism and the misogynistic effects of disco Your nephews homosexual and your teen is turning trans You feel your culture’s threatened by these folks from other lands You feel the world’s gone crazy, and that liberals are lazy And that atheists are child molesting God haters (?) But when we’re gathered here, the reigning deity is beer More powerful than the god that you ignore So leave all your angry feelings at the door Just a coupla beers makes room for plenty more Wait till grandma gets here, lets see what’s in store I know that we’ll all rise to the occasion, cause we’re One Big Happy, pissed off family, one big happy Your cousins in the FBI, you know all they ever did was lie About their involvement with everything And who could trust the CIA? My sister always used to say they Were complicit in the killing of JFK And then you’ve got the NSA who admitted they were spying On millions of Americans when they finally got caught lying So I understand your wariness of giant government scariness Dark and sinister’s the way these guys have always done things But no one wants to hear you, it’s so unpleasant to be near you We’re all trying to escape the stupidity that surrounds us And the thing that keeps me stupid is being certain that I’m smart When I'm hangin around with morons it’s hard to tell the two apart But you know we all try to find some cheer with our bitter enemies over beer Offering up some fake civility when we’re here…..cause we’re One Big Happy, pissed off family, one big happy And by happy I mean miserable, and by family I mean assholes And by big I mean anything larger than manageable And you know one might be too much If you’re pissed off just a touch Maybe that bitter IPA explains the expression on my face So look across the room, know your neighbor there despises you Such unity in your fury, nothing they could do surprises you It’s the end of understanding, no more fake shake handing, No Trust is is a luxury given to no one, Ed No cause for celebration, the death of a great nation Or at least the closest I ever got to democracy But the one thing that’s clear is the reason that we’re here Is to fight with our family and drink a little beer So leave all your angry feelings at the door Just a coupla beers makes room for plenty more Wait till grandpa gets here, let’s see what’s in store I know that we’ll all rise to the occasion, cause we're One Big Happy, Pissed Off Family, One Big Happy…...
Resno 10:41
Resno The handlebars are turned up on his ten speed bike He's just the sorta dude all the stoner chicks like Got no worries no he don't care He's got a red bandana round his greasy long hair He's kind of a community dis-organizer A free and plentiful ill-advisor With a chamber pipe from the 70's with absolutely unending yield His name is Resno, and he's got super powers For getting everyone everywhere loaded The last one in line the last time he got thousands high Coughed until his head exploded I tell you my friend, his pipeload won't end As it sputters like a volcano of cannabis goo Legend has it he got the entire KISS concert high Back in the summer of 82 His eyes are like lasers of unfocused fire That confuse and disorient all who stare into em One hit from his pipe and you'll find easy passage From this, into another time continuum His one weakness cookies Severe and all consuming It's his closest thing to focus When his pot pipe's finally done fuming One of them's too many All of them's not enough Cookies are like Kryptonite When Resno's had a puff His -One- Name is Resno His -Full- Name is Resno R- E- S- N- O-! R- E- S- N- O-! His hair is all matted and plastered to his face With a fine sheen of resin that holds it all in place He's into resin- He's into resin...... No he doesn't wanna smoke any any of your weed Can't risk a stem or seed Cooks it and scrapes it No he never ever vapes it Bakin cookies all day He's got a band but they never ever ever play Anywhere, but he doesn't care Suggest they practice and you'll get a Looooong and stony stare He dreams of meetin Ozzy, and he's gonna be a star Plays random Rush riffs on his resinator guitar He can't play one whole song through He just knows the one part Now Resno lives in Fresno But you can find him in any town He's the guy that actually wants What everyone has the sense to just turn down Cause with Resno it's recycling With the rewards to the community With a staggering social implication For psychological immunity From the toxic tar of daily strife With the final phase of marijuana life Resno makes the magic happen With what others just throw away His -One- Name is Resno His -Full- Name is Resno R- E- S- N- O-! R- E- S- N- O-! And Resno was his name-o
What do we want? Something! When do we want it? Sometime! We've never been this far into the future before None is a number Negative is a space Nothing is a thing Nowhere is a place Never is a time Back when I was little, I wanted to play the viofiddle, but my Dad said maybe sometime Then later it was the drums, but this time it was my mums who said, "maybe sometime deah, go ask your fathah”. Shoot me a text and we'll talk sometime Let's get together, do lunch sometime Gimme a call, just come over sometime We’ll drive out to Delano, do dinner Sometime is never Oh you think you sound so clever But of all the times to put me off to This one lasts forever You can’t stack sometime in the corner Or store it under your bed No interest when you save it up You just get apathy instead Apathy, apathy, I can’t stand your apathy (Meanwhile) Never is also a time A time we’ll never see Finally some finality, clear clarity For what will never be Never makes you wonder when When when is right in the word Never always makes the ambiguity Of sometime seem so absurd Sometime in the future Fresno’s air will be pristine Sometime in the past our nations moral hands were clean Sometime like today that remains to be seen Sometime is never, think you see what I mean Sometime’s also always! Can you please be more specific? Why do you only say “ocean” When you really mean “Pacific”? Ya know the lapse in your language is a thing I find horrific If we could actually book a date sometime That would really just be swell Or sometime I’ll just see you out there Sometime we’ll never know when Sometime we’ll just set in motion The countdown time to Sometime Is Never Sometime is never Oh you think you sound so clever But of all the times to put me off to This one lasts forever You can’t stack sometime in the corner Or store it under your bed No interest when you save it up You just get apathy instead Apathy, apathy, I can’t stand your apathy
Superfun 03:58
Check out the grownups! They made such a mess How could they be so dumb, Can anyone guess? If you think it's for money, the answer is YES! They said they were only doing their job They only wanted to feed their families They only wanted to bring them joy They only wanted to buy some special little toys For all their little girls and boys So they dumped some heavy metals And other fun stuff on the ground Now it's a children's amusement park That's known for miles around cause it's a Superfun clean up site Superfun, clean up! Superfun clean up site Superfun clean up, clean up! Clean up, clean up! So they took a boat out on the ocean Just to see what they could see And they talked to a giant octopus Who invited them in for tea And he told them all about his problems And how there was too much garbage in his garden And how the water was too warm Under bigger more frequent storms And even there in the shade His whole family was afraid And a lot of his other fish friends had all " just gone away" So, at this The Men grew worried Set about to their tasks in a hurry Dumped their casks of radioactive slurry In the octopus's garden, now it's a Superfun clean up site Superfun, clean up! Soon the men grew tired Of always having so much fun So they built a rocket ship, with science, To blast off to the sun They needed a place in outer space To incinerate their trash But the sun got angry And sent it shooting back to Earth in a flash, now it's a Superfun clean up site Superfun, clean up! I'm just glad we've got you kids to clean it I'm laughing and joking but I mean it All the grownups care about's making more money So I hope you'll all go to college Where you can learn and share the knowledge Of how to love and care for the gift that we've all been given Cause it's a
Meat. Siri is looking for some fresh meat, not fresh "mead". She was pretty drunk by this point.
When it's hangin in the sky Like a toenail in your eye And you need a drink like hell Sure, ya gonna ring the bell Sing a different song when the calendar's all wrong Playin in the band, pumpin poison in the sand Toenail moon Toenail Moon Saloon Seeya all real soon At The Toenail Moon Saloon Toenail moon Toenail Moon Saloon Gonna ring the brass spittoon At The Toenail Moon Saloon When it's Floating like a Piper Lookin like a dirty diaper Cross your windshield like a wiper With a stink it ain't be riper Such a chronic viper Cause you're always feelin hyper Candy Zebra stripper kypers never hear the sniper Dirty Diaper Moon Dirty Diaper Moon Saloon Fresno in the afternoon Near the fracking waste lagoon Dirty Diaper Moon Dirty Diaper Moon Saloon We'll be gettin poopy soon at the Dirty Diaper Moon Saloon When the Moon looks like a breast implant You're like an infant for an instant And you need a federal grant Just to feed your elephant Needing a new rant cause your evidence is scant Determined like an ant For a rubber tree potted plant Breast implant moon Breast Implant Moon Saloon Sling it in the brazoon At the Breast Implant Moon Saloon Breast implant moon Breast Implant Moon Saloon Getcher souvenir balloon At The Breast Implant Moon Saloon When it Jars you to your bones Cause it's usin all 12 tones And it drives you to a rage Cause it's written by John Cage Wurst thing in your lives But it's only Charles Ives You may be a cow wrangler But you'll hear some Willhelm Furt Wangler Atonal moon Atonal Toenail Moon Saloon Gonna hear some Schoenberg soon At the atonal toenail moon saloon Atonal moon Atonal Toenail Moon Saloon Listen to some Webern soon At The Atonal Toenail Moon Saloon


I started recording this album on May 31 2019. It's the biggest recording project I've done. It's a bunch of songs that I was playing live, and some that have never been played live. Some were written for the recording, one was rewritten for the new pandemic realities. It's 80 minutes, and meant to be listened to front to back, but I don't think the flow will be intact here on Bandcamp. I will be making a limited number of CDs, For The Future.
I'm leaving it here free for now, for all the starving children, for all of those without hope, for all of the ears holes that need Fresno shoved right in them. I'm completely in need of all the money you can afford, but if you can't afford anything, I love you anyway. I just want the music to be heard, and I'm trusting all of you to do the right thing by you. Thanks for listening, please share with everyone! Thanks, bkf


released January 1, 2021

Brian Kenney Fresno: Warr guitar, cello, percussion guitar, steel guitar, fretless guitar synth.
Diane Kenney Albuquerque: violin, mandolin, banjo,
Ryan Kenney Poughkeepsie: drums, glockenspiel, samples, Attitude, vocals
Resno: resonator guitar on "Resno"

( In haughty, arrogant voice: ) Conceived, Written, Arranged, Orchestrated, Wordsmithed, Performed, Tracking Engineered, Edited, Script Supervised, Illuminated, File Managed, RKP and DKA, Mixed, Fussed Over, Mastered by Brian Kenney Fresno

Resonator guitar and Banjo provided by Mike Smith and Nik Gustafason
Microphones by Franz, Martin, and Kuebler
Minister of Computer Sciences, Frank Giordano
Beer by Buterbaugh and Bilbo
Eternal Patience: Felix Muzquiz
Mix Consultations: Dan Rathbun, Colin Marston

Dedicated to Mark Stickman

As many of you know, all official Bonghit Records CD’s come with a Free Bong Tool Inside. This has been a problem for digital releases, as there is no place to keep the tool from scratching the disc. It also doesn’t make that satisfying mysterious rattle inside, when you shake it. I always enjoyed watching people tear into the package, like kids getting the prize out of a cereal box before their big brother.
We haven’t solved the packaging issue, but we did come up with a great, and completely ridiculous, maximalist solution.
Behold, The FREE 3D printable bong tool.


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Brian Kenney Fresno Fresno, California

My name is Brian Kenney Fresno, and I have this super fun solo ROCK show
where I sing modern TALES of urban legends and epics of the absurd- in a
sing along format, mostly about Fresno Ca, my home town, and everytime I say
"Fresno", everybody eats the raisins and says "WHOOO!" in a group
It's really fun!
Everybody laughs a lot!
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