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Ev'ry Stain Has A Story

from The Future Is Fresno by Brian Kenney Fresno



This song was inspired by living in America, and this stain on the sidewalk in Fresno. We are so lucky, look at us, on the Internet, all fancy, with our phone or computer. Some of us are born on third and think we hit a triple.
I did not have to search for water today. Lucky.

What's going on with our "democracy" is a perfect allegory, and physical commentary on our collective Stain. We could have done so much better.
This is the mark that history has chosen to record. It's right now. We're all being smeared with that stain, I sure hope it can be cleaned up.

( Listener side note: My friend, Mike Morgan moved to LA in the eighties, and was in a band called "Horrible Curtains", and it wasn't until decades later that I found out that that was a Zappa reference, so don't be all, "Oh I get it, he's super influenced by Zappa", because I'm all, " Um, maybe YOU'RE the one who is so influenced by Zappa that he is the only thing you can relate me to, girlfriend. Hah. Think more about The Partidge Family and you'll be closer.) (Listener Side, side note: Of course I love Zappa, and he was a huge influence.


Ev'ry Stain Has A Story

Down at the sidewalk, at the street, or in your soul
Each mark there has a memory, a thousand tales untold
It's a lot like archeology, where the source is so uncertain
It's like opening a window to the past, through a horrible dingy curtain

See beyond the surface
Listen past the din
Feel the harmonic frequencies resonating from within
Flexing your forensics
Sniffing out the scene
Empathing the emotions
Imprinted though unseen

Ev'ry stain has a story
To tell it's tale is obligatory
This is the mark that history has chosen to record
Ev'ry Stain has a story
That makes a perfect allegory
Left a physical commentory
With a little message at the end

Astonish at the anguish
Experience all the ecstasy
Acknowledge all the anger
Re-illuminate all the love to be
Embrace all the embarrassment
Remember all the shame
Recognize your bloody hands and think of who to blame

( I need you to sing louder, I can't hear you.)


from The Future Is Fresno, track released October 30, 2020
Brian Kenney Fresno: Warr guitar, percussion guitar, cello, Vocals
Diane Kenney Albuquerque: Violin, Ipad
Ryan Kenney Poughkeepsie: Drums, Vocals, Attitude

Conceived, Written, Performed, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, by Brian Kenney Fresno
Lyrics: Brian Kenney Fresno
Label Administration: Brian Kenney Fresno
Road Crew: Brian Kenney Fresno
Guitar Tech: Brian Kenney Fresno
Hype: Brian Kenney Fresno
Ego: Brian Kenney Fresno
Social Media Manager: Brian Kenney Fresno
Legal: Brian Kenney Fresno
Copyright: Brian Kenney Fresno


all rights reserved



Brian Kenney Fresno Fresno, California

My name is Brian Kenney Fresno, and I have this super fun solo ROCK show
where I sing modern TALES of urban legends and epics of the absurd- in a
sing along format, mostly about Fresno Ca, my home town, and everytime I say
"Fresno", everybody eats the raisins and says "WHOOO!" in a group
It's really fun!
Everybody laughs a lot!
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