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Oct 6th 2019 was my last performance. Dot Leonard's 5th birthday party, in The Vault Room at the Security Bank Building, in Fresno, CA. All performances had been on hold for the recording, but this was obviously special. I wrote a song for the occasion, based on the insanely fun chorus that Felix had come up with years earlier. SUPERFUN Clean Up Site!
Usually my songs take a ridiculously stupid long time to develop and learn how to play, so this in itself is unusual. That I'm releasing the song a year later is like light speed for me.
We had already recorded the drums for the album, Ryan had gone home and coming back was not an option, so I recorded the electronic drums from my live rig, and made a short loop in the computer. I've never done that.
I've never written a children's song before either, so there's that too.

Dedicated to Dot Leonard.


Check out the grownups!
They made such a mess
How could they be so dumb,
Can anyone guess?
If you think it's for money, the answer is YES!
They said they were only doing their job

They only wanted to feed their families
They only wanted to bring them joy
They only wanted to buy some special little toys
For all their little girls and boys

So they dumped some heavy metals
And other fun stuff on the ground
Now it's a children's amusement park
That's known for miles around cause it's a

Superfun clean up site
Superfun, clean up!
Superfun clean up site
Superfun clean up, clean up!
Clean up, clean up!

So they took a boat out on the ocean
Just to see what they could see
And they talked to a giant octopus
Who invited them in for tea
And he told them all about his problems
And how there was too much garbage in his garden
And how the water was too warm
Under bigger more frequent storms
And even there in the shade
His whole family was afraid
And a lot of his other fish friends had all " just gone away"
So, at this The Men grew worried
Set about to their tasks in a hurry
Dumped their casks of radioactive slurry
In the octopus's garden, now it's a

Superfun clean up site
Superfun, clean up!

Soon the men grew tired
Of always having so much fun
So they built a rocket ship, with science,
To blast off to the sun
They needed a place in outer space
To incinerate their trash
But the sun got angry
And sent it shooting back to Earth in a flash, now it's a

Superfun clean up site
Superfun, clean up!

I'm just glad we've got you kids to clean it
I'm laughing and joking but I mean it
All the grownups care about's making more money
So I hope you'll all go to college
Where you can learn and share the knowledge
Of how to love and care for the gift that we've all been given
Cause it's a


from The Future Is Fresno, track released October 6, 2020
Superfun theme by Felix Muzquiz
Brian Kenney Fresno: Warr Guitar- Fretless Guitar Synth-Steel Guitar- Drums- Vocals
Dot Leonard: "This Part Sounds Scary"


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Brian Kenney Fresno Fresno, California

My name is Brian Kenney Fresno, and I have this super fun solo ROCK show
where I sing modern TALES of urban legends and epics of the absurd- in a
sing along format, mostly about Fresno Ca, my home town, and everytime I say
"Fresno", everybody eats the raisins and says "WHOOO!" in a group
It's really fun!
Everybody laughs a lot!
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